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    High sensitivity analysis

    2D Chromatography-based biosensors:


    • Due to the low detection limit of conventional on-site diagnosis technology, it has been difficult to diagnose the disease early and accurately. 

    • To resolve this problem, an on-site version of ELISA has been developed based on two-dimensional paper chromatography.

    • Here, a sample is loaded in the vertical direction and, after completion of the immune reactions, an enzyme substrate is transferred for signal generation in the horizontal direction.  

    • Patent registration in the United States and Korea

  • 02

    Sample usability

    Hybrid biochip for heterologous markers:​

    • When multiple, heterologous analytes in the same sample are measured, they are usually monitored on separate analytical devices.

    • The hybrid biochip has been devised to simultaneously carry out the analyses of different types of analytes without waste valuable samples (e.g., serum and plasma), whereas current protocols do not support.

    • For example, to diagnose sepsis, protein markers and metabolite (e.g., lactate) can be measured on the same device. 

    • Patent registration in the United States and Korea

  • 03

    High-performance liquid biopsy

    using exosomes

    Allosteric binding-controlled immuno-isolation technology using calcium dose switch:

    • ​Although liquid biopsy using exosomes as biomarker is promising in cancer diagnosis, the heterogeneity of the marker is the major problem to conduct the analyses in a consistent manner.

    • We have investigated a novel immuno-isolation method to offer the analytical samples containing a pure exosome subpopulation, alleviating the heterogeneity problem.

    • To this end, allosteric binding-controlled antigen-antibody binding, dependent on the calcium dose, has been applied to reversible isolation of exosomes.

    • Patent registration in the United States and Korea

  • 04

    Marker functionality

    Animal cell-based biochips for monitoring inflammation

    and anti-inflammation:

    • In conventional analyses, quantitative determinations of biomaker in sample have been matters in most clinical diagnosis fields. 

    • However, in some cases, the functional characteristic (e.g., induction of inflammation, a cause of acute and chronic diseases) of the target substance is more important clinical information than the quantitative state.

    • To identify the functional characteristic, we have developed a biosensor system enclosing animal cells, working in the semi-continuous fashion, to monitor the transition between inflammation and anti-inflammation.

    • Patent registration in Korea

  • 05

    Continuous diagnostics

    Immunosensor for continuous monitoring of biomarkers:


    • When diseases are currently monitored, most of commercial POCT kits and laboratory analytical devices are disposed after single-use for analysis.

    • Such conventional way of analyses may require frequent, painful drawings of blood as sample in a time interval if a long-term monitoring of disease is necessary. 

    • To provide a biosensor working for a long term period without disposal, we have developed a concept of continuous immuno-analysis technique by employing a particular antibody produced from immature immune system of animal.

    • Patent registration in Korea

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