Management Team

Our Clinical and Technological Advisory


Kyong-Hwa Park

Professor of Cancer Hospital of Korea University Anam Hospital

Joint Research on Companion Diagnosis for Enhanced Treatment Effects on Breast Cancer

Clinical Trials on Early
Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer


Do-Sun Lim

Professor of Cardiovascular Center of Korea University Anam Hospital


Joint Excavation of Exosome Biomarkers for Molecular Diagnosis of Arteriosclerosis

Co-works on Early Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases


Jung-Woo Choi

Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering of Sogang University

Joint R&D in Nanobio Technology for Early Molecular Diagnosis of Cancer Diseases

Development of Novel Methods for Non-destructive Detection of DNA and Exosomal micro-RNA


Joon Hong Min

Professor of Biomedical Engineering of ChungAng University

Joint R&D in Exploration of Efficient Extraction and Purification of RNAs and DNAs

Primer Design for PCR, RT-PCR, and NASBA, and their Utilization for Early Diagnosis

Our Investors and Supporters


Se-Hwan Paek, Ph.D.

Seung-Cheol Choi, Ph.D.

Bobby Moon, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder

Se-Hwan Paek, Ph.D., brings over 35 years of experience in diagnostic research, and prior to founding SOL Bio Corp., he served on the faculty at Korea University

Dr. Paek also founded the Korean BioChip Society in 2006 and served as the President for two years thereafter

He received his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from

the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

CTO & R&D Director

Seung-Cheol Choi, Ph.D., is a molecular diagnosis research scientist, specializing in  blood biomarker of cardiovascular disease

He has conducted modeling of stem cell-derived myocardial and heart organoid-based diseases, and assessed the validity of new drugs against the diseases


He obtained his doctoral degree in Life Science from Korea University and has served as Research Fellow of the U.S. Vanderbilt Medical School


Ji-Eun Moon, Ph.D., is a investment, funding, and M&A specialist, and currently a Professor of Hanyang University

He formerly served as CMO of Grouppon Korea, CEO of Daum Game, and also the Head of U.S. Corporate of MbyN

He received his Ph.D., in Venture Management from

 Hoseo University

Sung-Ho Paek, Ph.D.


Sung-Ho Paek, Ph.D., is an online market specialist and also a senior researcher in the R&D Center


He formerly served as CEO of Encoex Sciences LLC in United States and also the representative position of SOL Bio Corporation in the initial stages

He obtained his Ph.D. in Biological Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech