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Rigorous science requires an exceptional team. With a focus on leading edge research, technological innovation and passion for breaking current boundaries, our people is to bring a revolutionary method for early cancer diagnostics.


솔바이오, 전립선암 최대 95% 진단 `엑소좀 진단기술` 세계 첫 개발

솔바이오, 혈액으로 '흑색종 피부암' 진단기술 개발

솔바이오, 혈액 5방울로 초기 전립선암 최대 95% 진단

솔바이오, 세계 최초 ‘엑소좀 분리  진단기술’로 전립선암 최대 95% 진단

솔바이오,95% 정확도 1~2기 악성 흑색종 진단기술 개발

솔바이오 `유전자 바이오센서 기술`, 세계 최고 권위 나노학술지에 등재

R&D History of SOL Bio


Years of biosensor-based diagnosis research



Registrations in the U.S. & S. Korea


Global cancer biomarkers market predicted in 2035


Accuracy of cancer diagnosis based on biomarker analysis

Exosomes for Cancer Diagnostics 
  • When found early, cancer is often effectively treated or even cured. We aim to integrate early-stage cancer diagnosis into the nation-funded health examination, helping health professions to give accurate information to cure the disease effectively

  • SOL Bio is planning to carry out research and development of in vitro diagnostic products for immuno-isolation and analysis of exosomes, along with CDx (companion diagnostics) products and platform service businesses

  • SOL Bio has five types of unique technologies (Smart Operation Linkage; 'SOL') in the form of intellectual property or know-how that can meet unmet needs in the field of in vitro diagnostics, including companion diagnostics

  • These technologies are co-diagnosis platform technologies, which are expected to substantially contribute to the treatment of various acute and chronic diseases (cancer, inflammation, diabetes, etc.) in the future, resulting in significant corporate value growth

Extraordinary Experiences
  • We have entered the clinical application stage of our unique exosome isolation method

  • Pre-clinical tests for early diagnosis of malignant melanoma and prostate cancer have been  successfully completed

  • Additional tests with a large number of clinical samples for each cancer are in progress to evaluate the accreditation

  • Separate, clinical trials for prostate cancer are under way in the urology department of three hospitals of Korea University Medical Center by the end of 2021

  • The technology for diagnosing malignant melanoma will be transferred to a global biotech company

  • Further cooperation is going on with Cancer Hospital in Korea University Anam Hospital for a better remedy of breast cancer

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