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Utility of Cancer-derived Exosome
Sub-subpopulation for Molecular Diagnosis

A novel isolation technique (                          ) based on ‘Ca²⁺ switch-on/off binding reaction’ enables to sequentially separate exosome species in sample toward two or more markers under mild conditions to achieve early diagnosis of various cancers with high sensitivity via overcoming the limitation of conventional immunoaffinity-based assays


​A Highly Sensitive Approach for Molecular Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

Detection of miRNAs Enriched in Exosome Sub-subpopulation Isolated Sequentially using ‘Ca²⁺ switch-on/off’ Technique as a Sample

Validation of Isolation Route Dependency of Exosome Cargoes

​Validation of prostate cancer-specific miRNA enrichment in prostate cancer cell line-derived exosome sub-subpopulation prepared using the ‘Ca²⁺ switch-on/off’ isolation process

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