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"솔바이오, 전립선암 최대 95% 진단 `엑소좀 진단기술`세계 첫 개발"

"솔바이오, 혈액으로 '흑색종 피부암' 진단기술 개발"

"솔바이오,95% 정확도 1~2기 악성 흑색종 진단기술 개발"

"솔바이오 '유전자 바이오센서 기술', 세계 최고 권위 나노학술지에 등재"


Precision Exosome Selection

Revolutionary Diagnostics

Promising ExoMAIN data, 30 years of biosensor manufacturing experience combined with the current trend in AI could bring a new era in low cost early cancer screening

Exosomes for Early Stage Cancer Diagnostics

Exosomes are nanoparticles that are released and 

received by nearly all cells in the body. 

These highly-evolved vesicles act as one of our body’s communication systems, 

same for cancer cells, delivering important molecular payloads from cell to cell. 

Winning Over Cancer Starts with Early Detection 

The exosome research field has exploded in the last decade, and SOL Bio Corp. has remained at the forefront of the field, developing a highly efficient cancer isolation protocol for liquid biopsy tests using exosomes